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Name:Donald F Catalano
Company:Platinum Group WorldWide
Address:1 540 International Pkwy
City:Lake Mary
Country:United States of America
Phone No:1877-310-6464
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Donald F Catalano
CEO-Chairman of the Platinum Group Worldwide

As a consultant to many businesses, our clients expect confidentiality. We do maintain this confidence whereby we do not publish consultant clients.

At Platinum, we feel that business is business however; each company has its own specific requirements for maintenance of clients, management and/or business growth. We find many clients spending too much time fighting the day to day issues attempting  to manage there direct business functions and not enough time building there business. 

We dedicate ourselves to small and enterprise business, offering not only our extensive business knowledge but by using our strategic partners, professionals, successful entrepreneurs and investors through our world wide resources.

One will always find our Business Integrity, Professionalism and Quality of work beyond the expectations of our clients.

A assist a business to understand where they are – where there going  - where they have been and how are they going to make this business trip with a minimum of bumps in the road.

Our business consulting details business objectives, organization and business strategy, management, along with understanding today’s complex business environment. Our client participation ranges sometimes from hours of consultation to long term contracts.

We help small to enterprise business grow by placing multifaceted business components in the right place.

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